Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Driving force for Swedish industry

Hydraulics and pneumatics are key components in the Swedish industry's automated production facilities as well as in vehicle and machine exports.

The Swedish Fluid Motion Association, SFMA, was formed in 2019 through a merger of two industry associations, the Hydraulics and Pneumatics Association, HPF, which was formed in 1962 and the Interest Association for Fluid System Technology, IFS, which has been active since 1972.


SFMA is a common meeting place and platform for pursuing industry-wide issues. The objectives are, among other things, to promote fluid technology and automation in Sweden and thereby increase the competitiveness of Swedish industry and to be a support for the member companies.

SFMA works actively with quality and safety issues, standardization in Sweden and for increased information and training of users and suppliers in the industry. SFMA is also a certification body for hydraulic engineers in Sweden - a professional benchmark for quality in the automation industry.