Before you apply for funding from Vinnova, you need to know what type of project Vinnova provides support for and what Vinnova expects from the organizations it finances. The link here can be found here.


In Vinnova's overview, you can search among all Vinnova's offers to see if Vinnova offers financing that suits your project. You can find the link here.


Swedish Energy Agency

The Swedish Energy Agency is Sweden's largest research funder for energy research. The Swedish Energy Agency also helps companies to develop and commercialize energy technology. Here, the Swedish Energy Agency tells about how and what they do to switch to a long-term sustainable energy system in Sweden. You can find the link here.


The Swedish Energy Agency's announcements can be found here.



Formas is a state research council for sustainable development. Formas finances research and innovation, develops strategies, analyzes and evaluates. Forma's business areas are in the environment, areal industries and community building.


Formas announcements can be found here.