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Elements of AI

Competence-enhancing course in artificial intelligence (AI)  

Learning more about what AI is can be done with online courses that are now widely available online. Many universities offer courses at different levels that you must apply for and several of the better (international) ones are also aimed at business and management level for a non-negligible course fee. For those who want an introductory and basic course, there are a few to choose from. A popular course is called "Elements of AI" and is developed by the University of Helsinki. This course has been attended by over 650,000 people and is a good introduction to what artificial intelligence (AI) is and what it is not. It takes 20-30 hours to walk and it is completely on-line. It is also available in English.


Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to gets an overall introduction to AI and its various components such as machine learning, deep learning, big data and neural networks.
  • Anyone who is thinking about the impact AI has on work or life
  • Anyone who wants to take a course that gives 2 higher education credits at LiU, provided that you have applied for and been admitted to the distance course The Basics of AI at Linköping University.

If you want to exchange thoughts and comment on parts of the course, there is an Online Community where teachers also participate. Should you take the course, remember to set aside up to a week in the calendar for it over a six to seven week period. You can also do it for a longer period of time, but then you will lose in learning and may have to read certain sections to pass (which is 50% correct of all course assignments). The course does not contain any videos, but there are now several in-depth links that can be videos.

The basics of AI at Linköping University

You will find more information about admission to the basic course here

Elements of AI

The on-line course "Elements of AI" which over 600,000 people have attended is a good first introduction to the concept of Artificial Intelligence. It entitles to two higher education credits at LiU after admission.


Here you have a link to the course