In the field of electricity, it is statutory that those who install such systems must have the required knowledge and experience. This is ensured by an education and degree that gives eligibility. There has been no similar arrangement in the hydraulics area. This is despite the fact that hydraulic systems are used in contexts where malfunctions or breakdowns can involve a risk of injury to people or large costs for production losses and repairs. Anyone has been able to install a hydraulic system or start trimming one. Hydraulic contractors find it difficult to know whether a tenderer has the required knowledge and experience. The purpose of certification is to eliminate this problem and ensure that everyone, who is in some way involved in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems, should have the required knowledge.

Person certification

The system for certification has been developed by SFMA together with the Forest Industry's Hydraulic Technology & Maintenance, SHU, the Steel Industries' AUH group, Dalarna University and Network Hydraulics in Dalarna.
Certificates can be obtained for four professional categories:

  • Operator
  • Fitter
  • UH technician
  • Constructor

To obtain a certificate, an examination (Examiner University of Dalarna) is required for the modules that apply to each occupational category and that a certain requirement for an average grade is met. Relevant professional experience of a certain period of time is also required. (See below for a detailed description).

Information about exams can be found at högs: kolan's website:

Information about CETOP certified training places in Sweden can be found on CETOP's website:

It is now also possible to obtain a CETOP level 3 certificate for Maintenance Technicians.

How to apply for a certificate?

The application for a certificate must be submitted to SFMA's office on a form specially designed for this purpose, which you will find together with more information in the menu on the right.

Contact Kristina Wirbing (e-mail: kristina.wirbing [at] at the secretariat if you want more information about certification.